wikiJS importer


wikiJS importer is a tool to import Confluence sites to WikiJS.




WikiJS importer is used to migrate Confluence sites to WikiJS.


Fig 1: The main form


How to Use

  • Export Confluence site to HTML files
  • In WikiJS Importer:
    • In the main form, select the folder where the HTML files are located
    • In Settings (cog at the right top corner) > WikiJS Installation, select the WikiJS’s Local Storage Folder. This is the folder that WIkiJS uses to import a complete site
    • In Settings > Confluence, adjust the settings to fit your requirements
    • Back in the main form, click “Process Files”
    • In Hierarchy, you should be able to see the structure of the Confluence site
    • Click “Export to WikiJS”. WikiJS Importer will generate the necessary files and the folders in the local storage folder to represent the Confluence hierarchy
  • In WikiJS, import the files to the existing installation.
    *** This process imports every file it finds in the local storage folder ***



wikijs-importer-win32-1-0-0-alpha 6.86 MB 141 downloads


Release Notes


The current version is alpha and it is free to test. *** DO NOT USE IN PRODUCTION ***

Comments and Feedback

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Features and Bugs

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