TMS Aurelius and MVVM design: an example (Part 1)

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  1. Martin Vítek says:

    Nice…. Please write master detail demo…. martin

    • John Kouraklis says:

      Thanks Martin.

      How do you mean a “master detail demo”?

      • Agustin Ortu says:

        For example, show list of phone numbers (details) of selected customer (master)

        • John Kouraklis says:

          How would that be different from what I do in the post already? What would be the challenge? And from what perspective? Aurelius or MVVM?

  2. mr.Ulugbek says:

    Good article
    Please write how work master detail example
    Orders Customers

    And how work with transactions commit and rollback etc

  3. Anderson Farias says:

    Nice article, thanks!
    Whats this TDicDictionary and TCustomersTableDictionary all about?


    • John Kouraklis says:

      Thanks a lot.

      I use TMS Data Modeler to create the unit with the Entities. DM adds the dictionaries you see (although there is an option to disable this).

      I asked Wagner Landgraf (the developer of Aurelius) about this and here is what he says:

      They are not necessary. They are just a structure way to define string constants, so when creating queries with Aurelius, instead of using the name of property ‘Name’, user can type Dic.Customer.Name.

  1. 25/01/2017

    […] Learn TMS Aurelius (a Delphi ORM) and MVVM design: an example (Part 1) in this blog post by John Kouraklis. . […]

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