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The Project Implementation Index (PI2) is a number in percentage (%) that shows how likely it is for a student to start implementing a research proposal without significant delays that derive from the research design. It considers a number of factors and generates a probability figure. It can be interpeted as an indicator or the feasibility of a research proposal and it reflects a proposed research project that is realistic and doable.

What does the index mean?

In order to get a feeling of the feasibility of a research proposal, the following graph can be used.indexspectrum

  • The “Red Zone” indicates that the proposal is extremely to very unlikely to start implementing it without significant amendments or even without rewriting it
  • The “Yellow Zone” shows that the proposal is likely to very likely to present something realistic that requires reasonable and small-scale adjustments
  • The “Green Zone” means that the proposal is in such shape that it can be easily implemented by someone else besides the student without any confusion points.

Note:  A good research proposal should have a PI2 index of 70% and above

How to use the PI2 application

Follow the instructions below:

  1. Download the PI2 application using the above link
  2. Save to files on your hard disk (eg. Desktop)
  3. Double-click the PI2 logo to open it
  4. Fill in the details about the project you’re undertaking
  5. Evaluate the research proposal following the instruction on the screen and visitin the “Edit Your Proposal” link in the main window
  6. Generate the report and include it in your final summative report

You can, also, watch the following tutorials.

How to setup PI2 for first use

How to use

How to generate the PI2 report


Which factors (areas) of the research proposal are considered?

PI2 evaluates 6 areas of a research proposal:

  • The Research Topic
  • The Background of the Research (Literature Review)
  • The nature of the primary/secondary data
  • The time required to start collecting, gather and analyse the data
  • The proposed samping
  • The easy of access to the required resources

What do students include in their summative assignment?


PI2 generates a report which shows the index and the score in the different areas described above.


Download sample report (PDF)





Does the application affect my computer?

PI2 does not alter any settings of your computer but it saves the data on your local disk under a folder labelled “PI2 Data”.

The folder is located in the Documents folder of your system (User > Documents > PI2 Data)

Usage rights

You can download the PI2 application and try it as long as you like. If you wish to use it to a wider audience (eg. in the module or programmes you are teaching), there may be some licensing implications. Please get it touch to clarify.

Suggestions, comments, ideas

If you are interested in the PI2 application, please get in touch either by using the contact form or by directly emailing me here: [emailme name=’contact’]