Open Source Projects (Delphi)

This is a list with all my open source projects in Delphi. They are all available on github.


neTabControl is a Delphi FireMonkey TabControl with extended features. One of the distinctive features compared to other TabControls is the use of tags and frames to define the tab items and include content.

More information is available at the neTabControl page on github.



Sparkle update framework is an open source project on Mac which adds automatic update capabilities to applications.


Sparkle is a very popular add-on but it is available only on Mac. Developer Vaclav Slavik has created a Windows version (WinSparkle) open to developers.


neSparkleComponent is a Delphi wrapper for the Sparkle library. For now, it uses the Windows version only (WinSparkle) but the plan is to embed the Mac version into one component.

More information is available at the neSparkleComponent page on github.