Who is responsible for the mess we are going through?

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  1. Clinton Johnson says:

    So how much death are you going to be happy with?

  2. Larry Hengen says:

    I think the collective stupidity of our so called leaders, has much to do with the mess we are in. Chinese officials ignored what a doctor was telling them, and if you look at the US, that their psychopathic liar of a leader also initially ignored what experts were telling him. With such leadership in some countries it’s going to be hard to squash the pandemic using isolation. Sometimes science comes down to the best educated guess and there is group think that plays a role.

    Netflix has an interesting documentary on the Corona Virus. Some of the reasons we’re in such a mess is globalization and population growth. Some of it’s just the result of our way of living…

    • John Kouraklis says:

      I agree with your point about leadership and the group thinking effect. In strategy we teach that leaders and companies make informed decisions but in reality I am convinced that there is a lot of “me too” (group thinking) mentality. People and countries for that matter do things because others do the same.

      Science is the best educated decision at the time. It is the application of science that come down to the best educated guess. I am sure this is how we ended up with the 2 meter safe distance. When scientists were asked about the safe distance their rationale must be like this: when we speak, saliva droplets fly 60-80 cm away from us, so to be safe let’s keep people apart by 2 meters. It could easily be 1 meter or 3 meters depending on how conservative their personalities are.

      I’ve seen the documentary on Netflix; it is interesting indeed but not sure whether the population growth and globalisation are to blame. They definitely contribute but that’s the way of our living as you say

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