Build and Install Packages in Delphi IDE using InnoSetup

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  1. Slappy says:


    Will this tutorial work with RAD & Installer (

    I use it for editing Inno Setup scripts in Delphi IDE so I have everything together.

    Are there any dependencies or something?

    • John Kouraklis says:


      I am not sure how Rad Installer works as I have not tried but I don’t see any reasons why not.

      Are you able to compile and run scripts from within the IDE with that product? If so, then before you try the script keep a backup of the library paths (or the registry keys) as I don’t know how IDE will behave if you change the registry keys while it is open.

      There are no direct dependencies apart from the rsvars.bat and the MSBuild but you need them anyway.

      Thanks for looking at the post.

  2. Robert says:

    Well, I’ve got problem with Your demo. Everything looks fine, but after install I have got only package files copied to public/documents.. etc. Delphi can’t find bpl files, because there are NO-files copied by installer

    • John Kouraklis says:

      Which version of Delphi are you using? The installer is for 10.1 Berlin.

      You write that no BPL files are copied by the installer. Are they created though? Have you searched for them?

  3. Marco says:

    Hi John,

    Thanks a lot! I have updated your script, so that the installer also works for newer (and older) Delphi versions. Non-default installation paths are also supported. See for the new script.

    • Perry says:

      Thank you for the updated one.
      Is there a way to make it also for 64 bit installs (win64) besides Win32 only?

    • John Kouraklis says:

      Hey Marco,
      thanks for this and for updating the script.

  4. Hello Jhon! Thank you very much for the topic, it was a good starting point for me. Finally I ended up rewriting adding several features that would be interesting for you to add in the tutorial, such as:

    – support from Delphi 7 to Delphi 11 Alexandria (with automatic detection of installed IDEs)
    – support crossplatform (with automatic detection of installed platforms)
    – Compilation performed in the setup itself (without any .bat)
    – Optional parameters for silent install/uninstall (via command line)
    – Open IDE detection during installation (to issue alert)
    – Detection of installed FmxLinux (useful for crossplatform fmx packages that compile for linux if FmxLinxux exists.
    – Option to generate a setup without embedded files (in this case a Setup.exe is generated that installs files from the same directory, for example)

    The source:

    • John Kouraklis says:

      Hi Vinicius,

      Thanks for reaching out and for sharing your code. I will look at your link.

      By the way, Skia is an amazing project. Well done!

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