New Book: MVVM in Delphi is out

Hello everyone,

finally my book is out.

It is, already, available in electronic version and from today offers a paperback edition. In a couple of days, it will be available from You can, also, check the link I have in the right sidebar in this web site or go directly to Apress web site.

The source code is, also, available to download. There is a github repository open to everyone.

I hope you enjoy the book and I am looking forward for your comments.

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  1. I am about 1/3rd through it and I must admit it has the best explanation of MVVM I have read. I never really thought there was any difference between MVC and MVVM but John shows the differences in a very clear way.

    Thanks so much, I look forward to finishing it!


    1. Thank you Neal for your comment.

      I am looking forward for your full review. It would be nice if you shared it on Amazon.


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